Ever had one of those days?

When employees need their problems solved, there is no option of "We'll get back to you." Try telling that to the mother who has been told her child's prescription is not covered, or to a longtime employee who has an unexplained deduction taken from his paycheck.

The Employee Call Center is set up to offer more resources than you may now have and certainly provide a "virtual staff." When you make the Employee Call Center part of your service commitment to your employees, you gain:

  • Human resources generalists specifically trained to handle any question employees can throw at them. They know as much about the things that affect your employees as you do -- maybe more.
  • Our technological capability to directly access employee payroll and benefits data so our team can get answers turned around quickly.
  • Flexible hours that allow you to set up times that are convenient for employees to call using an 800 number, no matter if you are on the East or West Coast.
  • A commitment that we handle every question in a concerned, caring and professional manner, keeping the prompt, accurate education of the employee as our primary focus.

We know you have days that are overwhelming. A better question might be, "Do you want to stop having those days?"

For more information or to arrange an introductory meeting, contact Strategic HR-ManagEase at (800) 789-5655.

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